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Welcome to the Nutrition Research Unit


The mission of the Nutrition Research Unit is to develop the knowledge and technology to improve the efficiency of utilization of feed resources for the production of edible products and minimize environmental impact of beef cattle, sheep, and swine. Research emphasis include: 1) Identification of mechanisms responsible for differences in efficiency of nutrient utilization, and 2) Development of nutrient management strategies to improve feed utilization and minimize potential impact of animal production on the environment. Scientists investigate the influence of animal genetics, metabolism, physiology, types of feed, feeding strategies and management.

Staff Scientists:

H.C. Freetly, PhD,  Research Leader, Research Animal Scientist

C.L. Ferrell, PhD, Research Animal Scientist (Retired April 3, 2009)

K.E. Hales, PhD,  Research Animal Scientist

T.G. Jenkins, PhD, Research Animal Scientist (Retired June 3, 2009)

A. Lindholm-Perry, PhD, Research Geneticist

W.T. Oliver, PhD, Research Physiologist

C.B. Williams, PhD, Research Animal Scientist (Retired September 30, 2010)


Vacancy, Research Physiologist/Research Animal Scientist 

Last Modified: 1/26/2012
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