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                ALMANAC Model Description Papers
                Biofuels - Current Project
                CEAP - Current Project

                Switchgrass - Current Project
             Complete List of Publications

ALMANAC Model Description Papers

·         Agricultural System Models in Field Research and Technology Transfer Publication


·         The ALMANAC model's sensitivity to input variables Publication


·         Field-Measured Limits of Soil Water Availability as Related to Laboratory-Measured Properties Publication


·         A General, Process-Oriented Model for Two Competing Plant Species Publication


·         Modelling crop:weed interactions in wheat with ALMANAC Publication  

·         Ceptometer deployment method affects measurement of fraction of intercepted photosynthetically active radiation Publication

·         The Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP): a national scale natural resources and conservation needs assessment Publication

Biofuels  - Current Project

·         A Dynamic Tool - Resource assessment framework for dependable feedstock supply to produce advanced biofuels in Hawaii. Publication


·         Energy sorghum biomass harvest thresholds and tillage effects on soil organic carbon and bulk density.Publication


·         Biofuel Feedstocks - Sustainable Production Strategies for Dependable Feedstock Supply. Publication


·         Two-Year Growth Cycle Sugarcane Crop Parameter Attributes and Their Application in Modeling. Publication


CEAP - Current Project

·         Plant Parameters for Plant Functional Groups of Western Rangelands to Enable Process-based Simulation Modeling  Publication 



·         EPIC model parameters for cereal, oilseed, and forage crops in the northern Great Plains region Publication


·         Peanut leaf area index, light interception, radiation use efficiency, and harvest index at three sites in Texas Publication

·         Rice Parameters Describing Crop Performance of Four U.S. Cultivars Publication

·         Sunflower simulation using the EPIC and ALMANAC models Publication

·         Parameterization of Almanac crop simulation model for non-rrigated dry beans in semi-arid temperate areas in Mexico Publication



·         Coastal Bermudagrass, Bahiagrass, and Native Range Simulation at Diverse Sites in Texas Publication

·         Estimation of evapotranspiration by reed canarygrass using field observations and model simulations Publication

·         Simulating grass productivity on diverse range sites in Texas Publication

·         The Rancher's ALMANAC Publication

·         Indirect Measurement of Leaf Area Index in Sagebrush-Steppe Rangelands Publication

·         Novel application of ALMANAC: Modeling a functional group, “warm-season perennial grasses.” Publication

·         Soil microbial activity under different grass species: underground impacts of biofuel cropping Publication


·         Maize and Sorghum Siumlations with CERES-Maize, SORGF, and ALMANAC under Water-Limiting Conditions   Publication

·         Maize and Sorghum Simulation in Diverse Texas Environments Publication

·         Maize yield potential; critical processes and simulation modeling in a high-yielding environment Publication

·         Radiation-Use Efficiency in Biomass Accumulation Prior to Grain-filling for Five Grain-Crop Species Publication

·         Radiation-Use Efficiency and Grain Yield of Maize Competing with Johnsongrass. Publication

         Row Spacing effects on Light Extinction Coefficients of Corn, Sorghum, Soybean, and Sunflower Publication

·         Similarity of maize seed number responses for a diverse set of sites Publication

·         Evaluation of Two Maize Models for Nine U.S. Locations Publication

·         Does spatial arrangement of 3D plants affect light transmission and extinction coefficient within maize crops? Publication


 Switchgrass - Current Project 


·         Biofuels and Water Use: Comparison of Maize and Switchgrass and General Perspectives Publication

·         Switchgrass Biomass Simulation at Diverse Sites in the Northern Great Plains of the U.S. Publication

·         Radiation use efficiency and leaf CO 2 exchange for diverse  C 4 grasses Publication

·         An Assessment of the Feasibility of Electric Power Derived from Biomass and Waste Feedstocks Publication

·         Projecting Yield and Utilization Potential of Switchgrass as an Energy Crop Publication

·         Simulating Alamo Switchgrass with the ALMANAC Model Publication

·         Switchgrass simulation by the ALMANAC model at diverse sites in the southern US Publication

·         Clash of the Titans: Comparing Productivity Via Radiation Use Efficiency for Two Grass Giants of the Biofuel Field Publication

·         Perennial Biomass Grasses and the Mason–Dixon Line: Comparative Productivity across Latitudes in the Southern Great Plains Publication

·         Spatial forecasting of switchgrass productivity under current and future climate change scenarios Publication

·         Genotypic variation in traits linked to climate and aboveground productivitiy in a widespread c4 grass:evidence for a functional trait syndrome Publication

·         Switchgrass leaf area index and light extinction coefficients Publication

·         Comparing biomass yields of low-input high diversity communities with managed monocultures across the central United States Publication

·         Soil and variety effects on the energy and carbon balances of switchgrass-derived ethanol Link to article 



·         ALMANAC: A Potential Tool for Simulating Agroforestry Yields and Improving SWAT Simulations of Agroforestry Watersheds Publication

·         Plant growth simulation for landscape-scale hydrological modelling Publication

·         A multi-species, process based vegetation simulation module to simulate successional forest regrowth after forest disturbance in daily time step hydrologidal transport models Publication

·         Biomass Accumulation and Radiation use Efficiency of Honey Mesquite and Eastern Red Cedar Publication


 Complete List of Publications

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