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Download a copy of the GSOR Collection Catalog here.  (Adobe Acrobat required for PDF document.)

Text search query

Standard text search engine query of all the fields of the accession.

Type in the accession number, such as GSOR 100001, to be directed to the GRIN record for additional information on this accession.

Type in the keyword of interest to be taken to a list of accessions in GRIN having that keyword in its description.  To limit the response to GSOR entries, type GSOR + in front of the keyword of interest, such as "GSOR + cold tolerant."

Include historical and unavailable accessions in the text query search.

Use the links below to see information about germplasm held by the GSOR Collection:

 Year Received

 Type of Entry


 2003-2004 Individual mutants 20
 2005 K/Z mapping population 355
  Nipponbare 1
 2006 Cocodrie/McR01 mapping population 327
  Individual mutants 8
  Kinoshita Mutant Collection 192
 2007 Jodon Mutant Collection 38
  California Mutant Collection 12
  Early/Katy mapping population 240
  USDA Core Collection 1,794
 2008 Katy Deletion (Putative) Mutants 22,842
  Nipponbare TILLING Mutants 6,397
 2009 Cybonnet/C101A51 mapping population* 183
  RiceCAP Association mapping population* 462
  RiceCAP MY1 mapping population 219
  RiceCAP MY2 mapping population 300
  RiceCAP SB5 mapping population 574
 2010 OryzaSNP Set 20
 2011 TeQing-into-Lemont (TILs) mapping population 125
  Rice Diversity Panel 1 aka NSF Rice Diversity Set 409
 2012 BC5F3 Backcrossing population 44
 2013 Rice Diversity Panel 2* 1,333
  Jefferson Near Isogenic Lines (NILs) 14
  Individual mutants 2
 2014 mPing Mapping population* 277
 2015 Weedy Red Rice Mapping population 1* 187
  Weedy Red Rice Mapping population 2* 236
  'IR36' Rice Trisomic Lines 25

*Not available for public distribution.

Last Modified: 9/11/2015
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