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Rice Science for Educators - see information such as experimental protocols that you may use in the classroom.

Learn about the Future Scientist Program at this website.

Read about Dr. Craig Wilson here.

Click here to read an overview of the 2014 Future Scientist Program and see the 2014 application.

Complete the following two-parts so that you can order corn earworm larvae. 

PART 1 - Register for a Level 2 Customer Account with Plant Protection and Quarantine Permit Office; visit  a Local Registration Authority Office;

Click here for printable instructions to complete the Level 2 Permit Application Procedures.

You will need to visit this website for the e-authentication process: ; click Register for ePermits shown on the right-hand side.

After completing the e-authentication process, you will need to visit a Local Registration Authority Office.  Go to this website to find the office nearest to you.  You can download a list of these offices here.

After you receive your e-authentication credentials, you may apply for an ePermit.

PART 2 - Apply for an ePermit to Move Live Plant Pests or Noxious Weeds

Click here for printable instructions to complete the application for an ePermit. 

You will need to visit this website to obtain your ePermit,

If you have problems or questions, email Craig Wilson at

Please notify Dr. Wilson when you receive your permit and please send a copy of your permit to him. Please notify Dr. Wilson of the date of delivery, the number of worms/larvae (or other life stages you would like), and the grade level of students.

2014 Future Scientists Program

July 23-24, 2014 - Fifteen K-12 teachers from schools representing Alpena, Crossett, Hamburg, Marianna, Monticello, Rison, Star City, Stuttgart, and Van Buren participated in a two-day Future Scientists mentoring event. Hands-on events included analyzing rice starch and extracting plant DNA. The event was funded, in part, by the Arkansas Farm Bureau, USDA-ARS, and Texas A&M.

Click here to see additional photos from the event. 

2013 Future Scientists Program

July 15-16, 2013 - Fourteen K-12 teachers from school districts around Arkansas participated in a two day Future Scientists mentoring event.  The teachers were exposed to rice research issues and how these topics could be used to teach science in the classroom.  The event was funded, in part, by the Arkansas Farm Bureau, USDA-ARS, and Texas A&M. 



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