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Search for a GSOR accession
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Text search query

Standard text search engine query of all the fields of the accession.

Type in the accession number, such as GSOR 100001, to be directed to the GRIN record for additional information on this accession.

Type in the keyword of interest to be taken to a list of accessions in GRIN having that keyword in its description.  To limit the response to GSOR entries, type GSOR + in front of the keyword of interest, such as "GSOR + cold tolerant."

Include historical and unavailable accessions in the text query search.

Below is a listing of GSOR populations or sets of material and the numbers assigned to that material.  Click the name to be directed to the Collection Catalog for additional information on that material.

 1-79  Genetic mutants
 100  Nipponbare
 100001-100355  KBNT lpa1-1 x Zhe 733 Mapping Population aka (also known as) K/Z
 100361-100600  RU9101001 x Katy Mapping Population aka Early/Katy
 100602-100726  TeQing-into-Lemont Backcross Introgression Lines aka TIL
 101001-101300  Cypress x LaGrue RiceCAP Mapping Population aka MY2
 101301-101517  RT0034 x Cypress RiceCAP Mapping Population aka MY1
 101601-102174  Lemont x Jasmine 85 RiceCAP Mapping Population aka SB5
 102501-102544  Katy x M-202 Backcrossing Population aka BC5F3
 200001-200327  Cocodrie x MCR01-0277 RiceCAP Doubled Haploid Lines aka SB2
 300000-300191  Kinoshita Collection
 301001-301422  NSF-TV Rice Diversity Set
 301501-302833  Rice Diversity Panel 2*
 303001-303014  Jefferson NILs*
 310001-311800  Core Collection
 312001-312020  Oryza SNP Set aka Perlegen lines
 400001-406156  TILLING MUTANTS
 600001-615190  Katy Putative mutants by fast neutron
 615201-620880  Katy Putative mutants by EMS
 620900-623669  Katy Putative mutants by gamma irradiation
   *Not yet available to the public.

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Last Modified: 4/9/2013
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