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Stakeholders, Clients, Outreach, and Collaborations
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Appalachian Farming Systems Research Center, Beaver, West Virginia

Outreach, Stakeholders, Clients


Producer/Stakeholder - Oriented Workshops

(AFSRC staff present invited keynote papers or volunteered  research summaries to these groups, 2008 - 2011)

  • Northeast Pasture Consortium Annual Meeting, Binghamton, NY; State College, PA
  • New York State Grasstravaganza Conference (AFGC affiliate), Binghamton, NY
  • Small Ruminant Focus Group (USDA-ARS, AFSRC), Beaver, WV
  • American Forage & Grasslands Conference – Grand Rapids, MI; Springfield, MO
  • American Highland Cattle Association 57th Annual National Convention, Leesburg, VA
  • Pasture-Finished Beef Field Days (USDA-ARS, WVU, VT Clemson), Willow Bend, WV; Steeles Tavern, VA
  • 3rd Appalachian Grazing Conference, Morgantown, WV
  • Appalachian Small Ruminant Grazing Workshop (USDA-ARS, Mountain State University), Beaver, WV
  • West Virginia State Fair, Fairlea, WV
  • American Devon Cattle Association “National Great Event”, New Paltz, NY
  • Kentucky State University 3rd Thursday Goat Field Day, Frankfort, KY
  • Family Farm Forum – Small and Mid-Scale Animal Production, Webinar (USDA-NIFA)
  • Southwest Pennsylvania Sheep and Goat Workshop, Washington, PA
  • North American Agroforestry Association
  • State Extension small ruminant producer (sheep and goats) workshops –
    • West Virginia
    • Tennessee
    • Kentucky (Kentucky State University Extension Service)
    • Pennsylvania
    • Alabama
    • Virginia
  • West Virginia Shepherds’ Federation
  • American Shepherds’ Federation
  • Mid-Atlantic Meat Goat Symposium-Virginia
  •  Tennessee Dairy Goat Conference, Tennessee State Univ., Spring Hill, TN
  •  West Virginia Mixed Grazing Workshop, West Virginia Univ., Morgantown, WV
  • Alabama Annual Small Ruminant Symposium, Alabama A&M Univ., Hazel Green, AL
  • Virginia, Scott County Hair Sheep Association Quarterly Meeting, Blountville, TN
  • Virginia, Scott County Hair Sheep Association Field Day, Duffield, VA 
  • Tennessee Small Ruminant College, Tennessee State Univ, Murfreesboro, TN
  • Small Ruminant Short Course, WV Small Ruminant Project, Beverly, WV

  • Mountain State Lamb and Chevon Association, Beckley, WV
  • WV Extension Service – Master Gardener Training – soil ecology, botany, pest management, turfgrass management, plant nutrient management, plant nutrient deficiencies, cover cropping, medicinal plants
  • Various bamboo producers and nurserymen
  • West Virginia Herb Association (cooperative with Mountain State University)

  • Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
  • The Association for Temperate Agroforestry (AFTA) (An AFSRC staff scientist is on the scientific board of directors)
  • International Kiko Goat Association, Inc., annual KikoFest, Gray, TN
  • RAIL (Rural Appalachian Improvement League), Coalfields Agriculture Symposium, Wyoming County, WV
  • Southwest Ontario Agricultural Conference, Ridgetown, Ontario, CA
  • Ontario Tomato Day, Ridgetown, Ontario, CA
  • Cape May Plant Center Field Day, Cape May, NJ
  • NRCS-WV Soil Survey training
  • Turf-Constructed soils Focus group
  • NASA Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aeronautics Academy (SEMAA) student program, WV State University, Institute, WV

Cooperative Agreements

(Formalized collaborative research projects involving AFSRC

staff and investigators at the specific institutions)

  • West Virginia University (Morgantown, West Virginia) – pasture-finished beef production systems; constructed soil microbiology; forage digestion kinetics
  • Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, Virginia) – physical properties of constructed soils; laboratory and small ruminant animal evaluations of medicinal-botanical plant extracts to control gastro-intestinal parasites; pasture-finished beef production systems
  • West Virginia State University (Institute, West Virginia) – constructed soils physical properties and applications of agri-industrial by-products
  • Mountain State University (Beckley, West Virginia) – medicinal-botanical plant resources; microbiology- metagenomics
  • Miami University of Ohio (Oxford, Ohio) – Effects of Polyphenolic Substances on Soil Organic Matter
  • Clemson University, Clemson, SC – pasture-finished beef production systems.
  • The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio) – small ruminant meat quality and herbal control of gastrointestinal parasites (SARE grant)
  • University of Akron (Akron, Ohio) – karst soils and water management
  • Concord University (Athens, West Virginia) – landscape use and watershed mapping
  • Virginia State University (Petersburg, VA) – goat performance and nutrition
  • University of Washington – medicinal plant extracts and herbage as natural feed additive/vermifuges for the poultry industry.

Informal dialogue & interactions with
other ARS laboratories and Universities

(AFSRC staff interact in an advisory capacity or are engaged

in preliminary experiments)

  • North Appalachian Experimental Watershed, USDA-ARS, Coshocton, Ohio – (water resource management and soil carbon characteristics)
  • Dale Bumpers Small Farm Research Center USDA-ARS, Booneville, Arkansas – bioenergy plants (AFSRC conducts carbohydrate analyses)
  • Pasture Systems & Watershed Management Laboratory, USDA-ARS, University Park, Pennsylvania (collaborative work on forage management, forage physiology, collaborative work on response of forage plants to UVB exposure)
  • Eastern Regional Research Center, USDA-ARS, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
    (Collaborative work on biochar applications for constructed soils)
  • Southern Regional Research Center, USDA-ARS, New Orleans, Louisiana (Collaborative work on biochar applications for constructed soils)
  • Texas AgriLife Center (Texas A & M University) Vernon, Texas  (forage grass physiology and ecology
  • Land Management and Water Conservation Research Unit, USDA-ARS, Pullman, Washington  (Soil forming processes)
  • Washington State University Cooperative Extension (Bamboo)
  • North Great Plains Research Laboratory (NGPRL) USDA-ARS in Mandan, ND, (Glomalin)
  • National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research (NCAUR) USDA, ARS Bioenergy Research Unit (Tannins)
  • US Dairy Forage Research Center, USDA-ARS, Madison, WI (collaborative work on forages containing condensed tannins)
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (collaboration on condensed tannin content of forage fenugreek)
  • U.S. Horticultural Research Laboratory, USDA-ARS, FT Pierce, Florida (Collaborative work on plant materials for nematode control)
  • USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD (root morphology)
  • Langston University – medicinal plants and goat health
  • Mississippi State University – medicinal plants composition
  • Pennsylvania State University – Antioxidant-rich plants/extracts and potential to minimize rumen methane production
  • USDA-ARS, Animal Parasitic Disease Laboratory – Antioxidant-rich plants for natural control of livestock parasites.
  • USDA-ARS, Food Composition and Methods development Laboratory – Drying and extraction protocols to maximize antioxidant capacity of plant and plant products
  • Tennessee State University – Alternative forage supplementation and goat health
  • Alabama Cooperative Extension Service – herbage composition and goat health
  • University of Georgia – cooperative work on medicinal plant propagation
  • Sam Houston University – Tannin-rich plant extracts and gastro-intestinal parasite control
  • University of Arizona – Soil analysis at an archeological site.
  • Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere (SAMAB).  A program of the United Nations Man and the Biosphere program.  (USDA-ARS not a formal member but other Federal agencies are members.  AFSRC participates in annual meetings.)
  • Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center (Wooster, OH) – non-traditional plants; pasture-raised poultry; Small ruminant production; water resource management and soil carbon characteristics
  • American Council for Medicinally-Active Plants  (ACMAP) – AFSRC staff member founding member – international symposium June 2010, Rutgers University
  • Ohio State University, Columbus, OH - Small ruminant production; water resource management and soil carbon characteristics
  • Small Farm Institute, Fresno, OH - Small ruminant production
  • Kentucky State University, Frankfort, KY - Small ruminant production

Action Agencies, Environmental and Consumer Groups

(AFSRC staff make presentations and collaborate on demonstration projects

and technology transfer programs with these entities) 

  • Southern Regional National Association of Conservation Districts
  • Northeast Region Annual Meeting, National Association of Conservation Districts
  • Greenbrier River Watershed Association
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
  • Greenbrier Valley Conservation District
  • West Virginia Food and Agriculture Committee
  • West Virginia High School Grassland Evaluation Contest (AFSRC, West Virginia Grassland Steering Committee and USDA-NRCS)
  • Greenbrier Land Conservation Trust
  • WV Soil and Water Conservation Partnership
  • Virginia Biosolids Use Information Committee
  • West Virginia University Extension Service
  • West Virginia Association for Cave Studies
  • West Virginia Cave Conservancy
  • Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority, Beckley, WV
  • City of Beckley Sanitary Board, Beckley, WV 
  • USDA-NRCS West Virginia, Morgantown, WV 
  • USDA-NRCS, Alderson Plant Materials Center, Alderson, WV
  • West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Water and Waste Management, Charleston WV.
  • USDA-NRCS-NSSC Lincoln, NE 
  • USDA-NRCS-NJ  (Analysis of roots and aerenchyma of wetland plants)
  • USDA-NRCS-NY  (analysis of switchgrass and eastern gamagrass roots and aerenchyma)
  • USDA-NRCS-WV (Testing native and introduced species for water and mineral uptake)
  • US Golf Association (through the turfgrass initiative)
  • Growers Cooperative Grape Juice, Westfield, NY (grape pomace)
  • National Slag Association
  • National Turfgrass Federation
  • Boxley Materials Company, Roanoke, Virginia 
  • Southern Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (plant materials for gastrointestinal parasite control)
  • Virginia Meat Goat Association
  • Pasture-Finished Beef Field Day (USDA-ARS, WVU, VT Clemson), Willow Bend, WV
  • Pasture-Finished Beef Field Day (USDA-ARS, WVU, VT Clemson), Steeles Tavern, VA
  • Highland Pastures Network (Greenbrier, Monroe, Pocahontas Counties), Lewisburg, WV
  • South Carolina Cattleman’s Association
  • West Virginia Cattleman’s Association
  • Virginia Cattleman’s Association
  • West Virginia Small Ruminant Project
  • Soil Science Society of America K-12 education committee


International Collaboration

  • AFBINI –  Crossnacreevy Plant Testing Station, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • EMBRAPA - Animal Research Center, Parasitology Research, Southeast Brazil.  Collaborative work with Virginia Tech on natural control of gastrointestinal parasites.
  • State University of São Paulo – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Medicinal plant products as alternative anthelmintics in vitro and in vivo. 
  • Research Initiative for Traditional Antimalarial Medicines (RITAM) – Expert advice on extraction and analytical methods to evaluate traditional antimalarial plants.
  • Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute – non-traditional forages/medicinal plants to improve livestock health
  • University of Calabar, Nigeria – Exp[ert advice on cul;tivation and evaluation of alternative plant sources for livestock health.
  • Moi University, Kenya/ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) – Capacity trainining (one Ph.D.)  in extraction and analytical methods of medicinal plants for potential use in human and animal health in Kenya.
  • ICARDA, Tunisia – USAID sponsored evaluation of on-going medicinal plant research. Staff scientist contributes to web-based information source on “Developing a Small Ruminant Research and Development Strategy for Rural Poverty Reduction in Non-Tropical Dry Areas of the Near East and North Africa
  • State Key Laboratory of Soil Science and Sustainable Agriculture Institute of Soil Science Chinese Academy of Sciences Nanjing, China
  • The University of Queensland, School of Land, Crop and Food Sciences
  • Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment St Lucia, Queensland, Australia
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona, Bellaterra, Spain
  • Gifu University, Laboratory of Plant Cell Technology, Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu, Japan


Journal Editorial Boards

(Staff scientists serve as Associate Editors for
international scientific journals)

  • Agroforestry Systems
  • Agronomy Journal
  • Crop Science
  • Grass & Forage Science
  • Journal of Sustainable Agriculture
  • Phytochemical Analysis
  • Renewable Agriculture & Food Systems

Last Modified: 3/22/2011
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