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1 - Nipponbare
2 - Core Collection
3 - Mapping Populations
4 - Katy Putative Mutant set
5 - TILLING Mutants
6 - Genetic Mutants
7 - Miscellaneous Collections - NEW IN 2013 - JEFFERSON NEAR ISOGENIC LINES (NILs)
8 - Printable Catalog

The graphic below shows the assignment of the 12 chromosomes of rice to 10 different nations that participated in the International Rice Genome Sequencing Project.  In 2005, this international consortium produced the complete genetic sequence of the Japanese cultivar, Nipponbare.  This sequence information will serve as the baseline for comparison with other rice varieties to identify genes that control economically important traits.  GSOR serves as an international distributor of the exact source of Nipponbare that was sequenced for use in genomic research. 

The normal distribution amount is 100 grams.  Click here to request this amount of Nipponbare.

If you require a larger amount, please contact the GSOR directly at


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Last Modified: 5/8/2013
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