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Davis Location Environmental Management System (EMS)


As a result of Executive Order (EO) 13148, “Greening the Government Through Environmental Management”, all ARS locations are required to establish an EMS program.   James Bradley, Deputy Administrator, ARS, issued a letter on June 28, 2004, to all Area Directors, stating the ARS EMS Policy.  The Davis Location developed and implemented its EMS Policy Statement in 2007.

EMS documents on this website fall into two main categories.  Documents in the first category are directly related to the Davis Location.  Documents in the second category are general in nature and were used to facilitate implementation of the Davis Location EMS program.


Davis Location Specific Documents:

·          EMS Committee 2008 Davis (signed)

·          EMS Objectives and Targets for 2009

·          EMS Policy Statement for Davis Location 2008

·          EMS Policy Statement for Davis Location 2007

·          EMS Awareness Training Davis Location


EMS Program General Documents

·          EO 13148

·          ARS EMS Policy Statement JH Bradley 040628

·          Environmental Aspects The Basics

·          Pre-Review Questionnaire USDA

·          10 Energy Saving Tips

·          2007 Water Use Survey

·          Want To Go Solar


For more information regarding the EMS program at the Davis Location, contact the EMS coordinator at

Last Modified: 5/18/2009