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Family: Sapindaceae

Maintained as field plantings. 63 accessions in GRIN, 94 accessions locally



Litchi whole fruit and half fruit showing seed

Litchi chinensis Sonn., known as lychee




PRIMARY I.D.                        GENUS SPECIES                              NAME


HLIT 1                                       Litchi chinensis                               'Kaimana'


HLIT 2                                       Litchi chinensis                               'Pot Po Heung'


HLIT 4                                       Litchi chinensis                               'Kwa Luk'


HLIT 5                                       Litchi chinensis                               'Groff'


HLIT 6                                       Litchi chinensis                               'Tai So'


HLIT 7                                       Litchi chinensis                               'Kwai Mei-Mauritius'


HLIT 8                                       Litchi chinensis                               Shui Tong Haak Ip


HLIT 9                                       Litchi chinensis                                Tim Nagn


HLIT 10                                     Litchi chinensis                                Brewster


HLIT 11                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Heung Lai'


HLIT 12                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Kwai Mi Pink'


HLIT 13                                     Litchi chinensis                                Chacapot


HLIT 14                                     Litchi chinensis                                Kau Ching


HLIT 15                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Kwai Mi Pink'


HLIT 16                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Khom'


HLIT 19                                     Litchi chinensis                                No Mai Tsz


HLIT 20                                     Litchi chinensis                                'No Mai Tsz'


HLIT 21                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Hwai Lai'


HLIT 23                                     Litchi chinensis                                No Mai Tsz


HLIT 24                                     Litchi chinensis                                Kwai Mi


HLIT 25                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Sah Keng'


HLIT 26                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Kao Shiung Early'


HLIT 27                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Kang Wei'


HLIT 28                                     Litchi chinensis                                Kwang Tung


HLIT 29                                     Litchi chinensis                                Hong Pea


HLIT 30                                     Litchi chinensis                                Shang Shu Hwai


HLIT 32                                     Litchi chinensis                                No Mai Tsz #2


HLIT 33                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Yuan Hong'


HLIT 34                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Kwai Mi'


HLIT 35                                     Litchi chinensis                                Yu Ho Pau


HLIT 36                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Salathiel'


HLIT 38                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Salathiel'


HLIT 39                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Bosworth-3'


HLIT 40                                     Litchi chinensis                                Yu Her Pau


HLIT 42                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Chong Un Hung'


HLIT 43                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Fi Tsz Siu'


HLIT 44                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Shan Chi'


HLIT 45                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Peerless'


HLIT 46                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Tukhmia'


HLIT 47                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Shan Chi'


HLIT 48                                     Litchi chinensis                                N93-19


HLIT 49                                     Litchi chinensis                                N93-20


HLIT 50                                     Litchi chinensis                                N93-21


HLIT 51                                     Litchi chinensis                                N93-22


HLIT 52                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Shan Chi'


HLIT 53                                     Litchi chinensis                                N93-24


HLIT 54                                     Litchi chinensis                                N93-25


HLIT 55                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Wai Chee'


HLIT 56                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Sampaokaew'


HLIT 57                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Khom'


HLIT 59                                     Litchi chinensis                                'No Mai Tze'


HLIT 60                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Guang Jau'


HLIT 61                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Chompoo'


HLIT 62                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Kim Jin'


HLIT 63                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Kalobayan'


HLIT 64                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Mae Chan'


HLIT 65                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Oh Hia'


HLIT 66                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Hohng Hooway'


HLIT 68                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Chorakam'


HLIT 70                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Hak Ip'


HLIT 71                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Bengal'


HLIT 72                                     Litchi chinensis                                M-17360


HLIT 73                                     Litchi chinensis                                 N95-15


HLIT 74                                     Litchi chinensis                                 'Tai So'


HLIT 75                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Jun Fuon'


HLIT 76                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Chan Tsee'


HLIT 77                                     Litchi chinensis                                 'Hak Ip'

HLIT 78                                     Litchi chinensis                                 'Yok Ho Pau'

HLIT 79                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Kai Ju Lai'

HLIT 80                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Kwai Mi'

HLIT 81                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Sei Luon Guor'

HLIT 82                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Yok Ki Lun'

HLIT 83                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Pak Larp'

HLIT 84                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Sun Fuon Hak Ip'

HLIT 85                                     Litchi chinensis                                'No Mai Tsz'

HLIT 86                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Hak Ip'

HLIT 87                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Sam Yu Hung'

HLIT 88                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Bendara'

HLIT 89                                     Litchi chinensis                                N00-09

HLIT 90                                     Litchi chinensis                                'Hak Ip'

HLIT 91                                     Litchi chinensis                                N09-17

HLIT 92                                     Litchi chinensis                                N11-32

Last Modified: 11/13/2013