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BHNRC Seminar Series
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November 15     Dr. Elizabeth Jeffery, University of Illinois, Bioavailability of Broccoli Bioactives

November 19     Dr. Artemis Simopoulos, Center for Human Genetics, n-3 Fatty Acids & Health

November 26     Dr. Peter Scholl, FDA, Protoemics Changes During Pregnancy

December 3       Dr. Maureen Spill, Pew Trusts Foundation, Health Impact Assessment

December 10     Dr. Kathryn Porter, NHANES, Opportunities and Challenges


January 14        Dr. Paul Talalay, Johns Hopkin University, Isothiocyanates and Health

January 28        Dr. Pamela Pehrsson, USDA/BHNRC, Nutrient Contents of Foods

February 11      Dr. Gerald Combs, USDA/Grandforks HNRC, Selenium Requirements

February 25      Dr. Yaguang Lu, USDA/BARC, Phytonutrients in Microgreens

March 11          Dr. Corey Scott, General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition, Broccoli and Health

March 25          Dr. Allen Smith, USDA/BHNRC, Selenium Nutriture

April 8              Dr. William Mindak, FDA, FDA Efforts about Arsenic and Foods

April 15             BHNRC Poster Day

April 22            Dr. Oliver Fiehn, University of California Davis, Metabolomic Approach to Health

May 6               Dr. David Klurfeld – USDA/ARS National Program Staff, Fructose Fallacies And Facts

May 20             Dr. Kevin Hall, National Institutes of Health, Diet Quality and Energy Balance


Special Note:  Most seminars will be held in Building 005 of the USDA Campus (unless otherwise noted) from 10:30 to 11:30am with an additional 30 minutes to meet and greet our speakers. Biographical information will be forthcoming prior to seminars. 

Last Modified: 11/12/2013