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AFSRC Picture of the Week, March 3, 2008
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Livestock producers require dependable plant resources and management practices that improve the seasonal distribution and persistence of high quality herbage, sustainability and environmental integrity of the agricultural landscape. AFSRC scientists are studying ways to create pasture communities with nutritive value matching the nutritional requirements of grazing livestock. The use of woodlots in traditional pasture systems as a means to modify the distribution and quality of forage resources is one management system being investigated. Some results of the studies were recently published (Belesky, D. P., D. M. Burner, and J. M. Ruckle. 2008. Does Endophyte Influence Resource Acquisition and Allocation in Defoliated Tall Fescue as a Function of Microsite Conditions? Environmental and Experimental Botany, 63(1-3):368-377).


More information about this research is available from Dr. David Belesky


Photo by Joyce Ruckle

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Last Modified: 3/5/2008
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