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AFSRC Picture of the Week, February 25, 2008
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Sheep on hillside

The use of woodlots in traditional pasture systems as a means to modify the timing, distribution, and quality of forages are being researched at AFSRC. The goal is to provide producers with dependable plant resources and management practices that improve the seasonal distribution and persistence of high quality herbage, sustainability and environmental integrity of the agricultural landscape. Some results of the studies were recently published (Neel, J. P. S., C. M. Feldhake, and D. P. Belesky. 2008. Influence of Solar Radiation on the Productivity and Nutritive Value of Herbage of Cool-Season Species of an Understorey Sward in a Mature Conifer Woodland. Grass and Forage Science, 63(1):38-47).

More information about this research is available from Dr. James Neel

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