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Forage-Fed Beef: Production and Marketing Alternatives in the South (40MB)

John A. Stuedemann, editor, Bulletin 220, June, 1977

The beef cattle industry was under great economic pressure in the 1970s due to increasing petroleum prices and increasing grain prices.  As a consequence, some Southern producers increased the number of cattle finished on forage.  Because forage-fed cattle were different from the grain-fed standard, they were often docked in the market.  This workshop addressed economic  aspects as well as marketing, carcass characteristics, and consumer acceptance of forage-fed beef in the SouthRecently, higher grain and petroleum prices have created similar market conditions to those that existed in the 1970s.  Also, there has been more interest in finishing beef cattle on grass because some perceive it as being more “natural”.  Organic producers and forage-fed beef producers should find the information contained in this bulletin useful.  Although prices and costs in the bulletin are dated, basic relationships and data are sound.  The entire bulletin is available here.

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