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 Thumbnail of Jesse Anderson on his tractor Jesse Anderson and his tractor
 Thumbnail of Rhode Island Red chickens and coop Andersons' Rhode Island Red chickens and coop
 Thumbnail of muzzled ox pulling plow Andersons' muzzled ox
 Thumbnail of Jesse Anderson feeding chickens Jesse Anderson feeding chickens
 Thumbnail of Anderson cattle grazing in field Cattle and barn on Jesse and Janet Anderson Farm.
 Thumbnail of Kathy Anderson riding plow horse Young cousin Kathy Anderson wanted a ride, and Glen Anderson, age 16, obliges.
 Thumbnail of Jesse and Janet Anderson training plow horses Jesse and Janet Anderson are shown training a two-year-old horse to plow, in approximately 1938. 
 Thumbnail of Glen Anderson and his calves and of the yoke Glen Anderson (age 6) giving a ride to his sister.   The yoke now hangs in a place of honor above the Anderson’s fireplace.
 Thumbnail of Aubry Riner making corn shocks Aubrey Riner, Fayette County, WV, has collected field corn into shocks to preserve it for winter feeding in 1974.
 Thumbnail of Melissa Riner & a lamb

Melissa Riner looks on while her friend, Kathy Adkins, bottle-feeds a lamb. Fayette County, WV, 1968.

 Thumbnail of Riners' dairy cow Glendon Riner (L), and his father, Lud Riner, pose with a milk cow on Riner's Dairy in Fayette Co., WV during the mid 1950’s.
 Thumbnail of Aubrey Riner and his chickens Aubrey Riner, while feeding his family's flock of chickens, pauses for a photo in Fayette County, WV during the 1930’s.
 Thumbnail of Aubrey Riner in his Vegetable Garden Aubrey Riner, of Fayette County, West Virginia, poses in his vegetable garden
 Thumbnail of Patricia the calf and Strawberry

Patricia the calf and her mother Strawberry.

 Thumbnail of cattle in yoke Tom and Curley ready to go for a sled load of coal
 Thumbnail of Kessler Plumley and horses  Kessler Plumley and his favored team, Daisey and Billey
 Thumbnail of chickens in moveable cage 1940’s “automatic fertilizer distributor” (movable chicken cage)

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