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United States Department of Agriculture

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National Parasite Collection
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USNPC Related Images

Cooperia spp. of cattle & sheep

Cylicocyclus ashworthi

Cylicocyclus nassatus

Cylicocyclus triamosus

Haemonchus placei


Cross section Haemonchus Similis

Libyostongylus dentatus n.sp. from ostriches

Nematodirus in Domestic Ruminants of North America

Ovejectors of Strongyloidea

Spicules of Ostertagiinae

Strongylus ssp. of horses

Synlophes of Ostertagiinae

Trichinella spiralis in muscle of a dog

Trichinella nativa

Umingmakstrongylus pallikuukensis, cervical region




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Last Modified: 11/21/2014
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