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Germplasm Enhancement of Maize
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Welcome to GEM

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The Germplasm Enhancement of Maize project is a cooperative effort of the United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service, land-grant universities, and industry.  GEM's objective is to widen the germplasm base of commercial hybrid corn in the United States through the introduction and incorporation of novel and useful germplasm gathered from around the globe.

Click here to visit GEM's official website at Iowa State University.

Field Operations


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The GEM Field Operations Team conducts the following activities:


  • Plant and manage GEM nursery. 
  • Fill seed orders and shipping. 
  • Manage seed inventories. 
  • Phenotypic note collection. 
  • Contact Fred Engstrom for more information.

Yield Trials

  • Plant and manage replicated yield trials. 
  • Improve equipment efficiency and accuracy for data collection. 
  • Foster collaboration for trial harvest and exchange. 
  • Promote safe work habits. 
  • Contact Fred Engstrom for more information.



Information Technology


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The GEM Information Technologist conducts the following activities:


  • Collecting, analyzing, and reporting GEM yield trial data. 
  • Managing the database for nurseries, isolations, yield trials, Field Day, lab data, and inventories. 
  • Maintaining the GEM website. 


  • Corn genetics and food applications. 
  • Evaluation of breeding methods and resource allocation. 
  • Implement innovative technology. 
  • Contact Mack Shen for more information.



Last Modified: 6/19/2014