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K/Z mapping population
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K/Z Mapping population

The mapping population was developed at Stuttgart, AR, from a cross between the low phytic acid mutant KBNT lpa1-1 of the tropical japonica rice cultivar 'Kaybonnet' and the indica cultivar 'Zhe 733.'  A subset of 137 F2 lines from the population was used to map the lpa1-1 mutation to a 2.2-cM interval on chromosome 2L.  The full population was continued through the F10 or F11 generations to provide materials useful in additional genetic studies.

The mapping population is identified as GSOR 100001 through 100355 within GRIN Global.

GRIN pages:  Direct link to parents:  KBNT lpa1-1 x Zhe733 recombinant inbred lines.  Click here to see the interpretive summary of this article.  Click here to see an Excel file of the agronomic data of this population. 

Last Modified: 5/2/2016
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