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Job Announcement Number:  0M6608 Zhu Lab L/A 180 Days

Position Information:  Full Time/Part Time – Temporary Position

Job Title:  Biological Science Technician

Department:  Southern Insect Management Research Unit, Stoneville, MS

Salary Range:  $15.00 per hour

Series & Grade:  0404/GS-5

Who May Be Considered:  This announcement is open to all qualified U.S. citizens.

Announcement Close Date: Open until filled


Job Summary: Southern Insect Management Research Unit, USDA-ARS, in Stoneville, Mississippi has a 180 Days L/A position open to potential candidates with knowledge and skills of molecular biology and biochemistry methods, processes and techniques. Skills and ability to collect and rear southern row crop insects, especially the tarnished plant bug, is required. The incumbent is expected to work independently or with minimal supervision in laboratory and field environments with insects. This will include ability to work in hot and humid field environments, typically grassy field borders, roadside ditches and production fields of cotton, corn and soybean. The incumbent is expected to conduct bioassay with insecticides and other reagents, and conduct DNA and RNA extraction, mRNA purification, and quantification, primer design, PCR, real time PCR, gel electrophoresis, molecular cloning or enzyme activity assays, dsRNA and dscDNA synthesis, cDNA library construction, basic and novel gene expression quantifications, microinjection, RNAi, and data processing with molecular and bioinformatics software.

Other Duties:

Maintain inventory of chemicals and prepare chemical solutions.

Operate a variety of laboratory equipment including autoclaves, pH meters, autoclave, centrifuges, quantitative RT-PCR machine, thermal cycles, spectrometers, electrophoresis apparatus, plate readers, gel documentation system, GPS device, microscope, microinjection device, etc.

Conduct field collection of tarnished plant bug and other insects. Maintain bug colonies with artificial diet. Treat insects with insecticides and develop resistant colonies. Conduct dose-response and LC50/LD50 bioassay with insecticide.

Keep detailed records of experimental data. Tabulate and summarize data using spreadsheets and statistics analysis, database, and graphics software.

Keep worksite neat and orderly, disposing of waste material in a safe manner, ensuring laboratory safety.



How to Apply:  In order to be considered, you must submit the following documents:


  1. Resume (please include three references: name, phone number, and address)
  2. OF-306
  3. unofficial transcript


Agency Contact Information: Cathy Warren or Sakinah Parker


Mailing Address: USDA-ARS, SIMRU

ATTN: 0M6608 Zhu Lab L/A 180 Days

P. O. Box 346

Stoneville, MS 38756


Fax Number:    662-686-5421

E-mail:   or














Last Modified: 9/11/2012
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