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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service


Please contact the The Vegetable and Forage Crop Research Unit's front desk at (509) 786-9228 for information on career oportunities at that laboratory.

Open Positions Locally:

None at this time

Also see the following web resources for the latest on ARS and Federal postings:

Career Opportunities

The links below are to current ARS job openings listed at the official job site of the US Federal Government, USAJOBS.

ARS openings in Prosser, WA
ARS openings in Washington
ARS openings nationwide

* Note: the links above are to "Only Jobs Open to ALL U.S. Citizens" so if you are a current or former federal employee, be sure to select "ALL Jobs" to refine your search at the USAJOBS site.

Last Modified: 9/8/2006