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codling moth lure

Patent ARS Inventor
Novel Bisexual Attractants, Aggregants and Arrestants for Adult and Larvae of Codling Moth and Other Species of Lepidoptera Douglas Light
Patent No. 6,528,049 Mar 4, 2003

Fungal Media and Methods for Continuous Propagation of Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM) Fungi in Root Organ Culture Sylvia Hua
Patent No. 6,576,457 June 10, 2003

Method and Apparatus for Non-Destructive Detection of Pits and Seed Fragments in Fruit Eric Jackson, Ron Haff, Tom Pearson
Patent No. 7,024,942 April 11, 2006

Saprophytic yeast, Pichia anomala Sylvia Hua
Patent No. 7,579,183 Aug 25, 2009

Sorting of agricultural process streams Ron Haff, Eric Jackson
Patent No. 7,858,893 Dec 28, 2010

Correction of x-ray images Ron Haff
Patent No. 7,860,214 Dec 28, 2010

Growth media and saprophytic use for Pichia anomala Sylvia Hua
Patent No. 8,206,972 Jun 26, 2012

One dimensional linescan X-ray detector Ron Haff
Patent No. 8,284,895 Oct 9, 2012

Last Modified: 11/21/2013
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