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Cooperators and Support
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1 - Partners
2 - CRADAs and SCAs
3 - Grants

Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA)

Methodology Development for Control of and/or Monitoring of the Insect Pest, Navel Orangeworm (NOW) Paramount Farming Co.
John Beck agreement # 58-3K95-7-1198

ARS information about CRADAs

Specific Cooperative Agreements (SCA)

Animal Model Testing of Chemosensitizing Agents of Antifungal Drugs Montana State Univ.
Bruce Campbell project # 5325-42000-037-02
Practical Application of Biocontrol Yeast UC Davis Dept. Plant Sciences
Sylvia Hua project # 5325-42000-036-02

ARS information about SCAs; also see Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement

General Cooperative Agreements

An Effective Lure for Reliable Detection and Control of the Female Navel Orangeworm (NOW) Moth
John Beck project # 5325-42000-037-10

Nonfunded Cooperative Agreements

In-Field Analysis of in situ Tree-Nut VOCs Torion Technologies
John Beck project # 5325-42000-036-04
Volatile Emission Analysis of Several Calif Oak Species: Do Emitted Volatiles Exhibit Kairomonal Behavior to Various Oak Insect Pests? UC Davis Dept. Entomology 
John Beck project # 5325-42000-036-05

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Last Modified: 8/8/2013
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