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Patent Number Date Title Inventor(s)
2,060,242 November 10, 1936 Apparatus for De-aerating Liquids George N. Pulley
2,261,926 November 4, 1941 Process for Producing Lactic Acid Authur J. Nolte and Harry W. von Loeseke
2,453,109 November 9, 1948 Method of Preparing Full-Flavored Fruit Juice Concentrates Louis G, MacDowell, Edwin L. Moore, and Cedric D. Atkins
2,510,138 June 6, 1950 Citrus Juice and the Removal of Volatile Oils Therefrom George N. Pulley and Matthew K. Veldhuis
2,635,070 April 14, 1953 Controlling Foam in Submerged and Aerated Propagation of Microorganisms Willis O. Gordon and Matthew K. Veldhuis
2,995,448 August 8, 1961 Cloud Stabilization in Citrus Juice Theodore J. Kew and Matthew K. Veldhuis
3,379,538 April 23, 1968 Treatment of Dried Fruit and Vegetable Powders to Prevent Foam Formation During Reconstitution Robert E. Berry, Owen W. Bessit, Charles J. Wagner, and Matther K. Veldhuis
3,598,841 August 10, 1971 Process for Converting Tangeretin to Nobiletin Lyle J. Swift
3,723,133 March 27, 1973 Method of Preparing a Dehydrated Deacidified Citrus Juice Product Robert E. Berry and Charles J. Wagner
3,731,466 May 8, 1973 Continuous Flow Multiple Trap for Low Temperature Reduced Pressure Gas Chromatography Chesster E. Kunsman and Richard L. Coleman
3,754,932 August 28, 1973 Protease and Pectinase Additive to Citrus Juices Robert A. Baker and Joseph H. Bruemmer
3,672,909 June 27, 1972 Method of Densifying Food Products Robert E. Berry, Owen W. Bessit, Charles J. Wagner, and Eldridge P. Patterson
3,583,234 June 8, 1971 Device and Method of Direct Introduction of Materials into Mass Spectrometers from Adsorbants Manuel G. Moshonas
4,101,678 July 18, 1978 Clarification of Citrus Juices Robert A. Baker and Joseph H. Bruemmer
4,284,651 August 18, 1981 Method of Preparing Citrus Fruit Sections with Fresh Fruit Flavor and Appearance Joseph H. Bruemmer
3,917,865 November 4, 1975 Co-Distillation Method for Recovering Volatile Flavor Compounds from Citrus Essence Oils Phillip E. Shaw and Richard L. Coleman
4,837,399 June 6, 1989 Napthoquinone Antibiotics from Fuserium solani Robert A. Baker and James H. Tatum
5,275,944 January 4, 1994 Thermostable Purified Endoglucanas from Acidothermus cellulolyticusATCC 43068 Michael E. Himmel, William S. Adney, Melvin P. Tucker, and Karel Grohmann
5,198,254 March 30, 1993 Composition and Method of Increasing Stability of Fruits, Vegetables or Fungi Myrna O. Nisperos-Carriedo and Elizabeth A. Baldwin
5,376,391 December 27, 1994 Method of Increasing the Stability of Fruits, Vegetables or Fungi and Composition Thereof Myrna O. Nisperos-Carriedo and Elizabeth A. Baldwin
5,372,939 December 13, 1994 Combined Enzyme Mediated Fermentation of Cellulous and Xylose to Ethanol by Schizosaccharoyces pombe, Cellulase, .beta.-Glucosidase, and Xylose Isomerase Stanley M. Lastick, Ali Mohagheghi, Melvin P. Tucker, and Karel Grohmann
5,100,791 March 31, 1992 Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) Using Cellobiose Fermenting Yeast Brettanomyces custersii Diane D. Spindler, Karel Grohmann, and Charles E. Wyman
5,110,735 May 5, 1992 Thermostable Purified Endoglucanase from Thermophilic Bacterium Acidothermus cellulolyticus Melvin P. Tucker, Karel Grohmann, Michael E. Himmel, and Ali Mohagheghi
5,125,977 June 30, 1992 Two-Stage Dilute Acid Prehydrolysis of Biomass Karel Grohmann and Robert W. Torget
5,514,584 May 7, 1996 Cloning of Cellulase Genes from Acidothermus cellulolyticus Stanley M. Lastick, Melvin P. Tucker, and Karel Grohmann
6,162,475 December 19, 2000 Edible Food Coatings Containing Polyvinyl Acetate Robert D. Hagenmaier and Karel Grohmann
6,184,246 February 6, 2001 Inhibition of cytokine production by polymethoxylated flavones John A. Manthey, Carl L. Manthey, and Montanari, Antonio
 6,987,125  January 17, 2006 Compositions and methods of treating, reducing and preventing disorders with polymethoxylated flavones

Najla Guthrie, Elzbieta Maria Kurowska, John A. Manthey, Robert M. Horowitz

 7,721,980  May 25, 2010  Method and Apparatus for Vacuum Cooling of Viscous Mixtures Wilbur Widmer, David Stewart, Karel Grohmann

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