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NAA Grants and Agreements
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Ingrid S. Charlton, Area Extramural Agreements Specialist
     Linda M. Hopp, Extramural Agreements Assistant 

The Grants and Agreements Office assists the North Atlantic Area research community with grants and cooperative agreements.  The office is responsible for pre-award, post-award and closeout activities associated with outgoing agreements, incoming agreements and non-funded agreements.  This office also provides guidance and support for grant proposal development and is the e-Business Point of Contact.  Typical extramural agreements handled by this office include the : Specific Cooperative Agreement, Research Support Agreement, Non-Funded Cooperative Agreement, Assistance Type Cooperative Agreement or Grant , Trust Fund and Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement (including sub-agreement),  Standard Cooperative Agreement, and Memorandum of Understanding.

If you are a NAA scientist you can find detailed guidance by visiting the NAA Agreements Team site at ARSnet.  Go to

How to reach us:

Ingrid S. Charlton – voice: (215)233-6554 | fax: (215) 233-6434 | mobile: (215) 514-8153

Linda M. Hopp – voice: (215) 233-6402 | fax: (215) 233-6434

Mailing Address:  USDA, ARS, NAA, Extramural Agreements Office, 600 E. Mermaid Lane, Wyndmoor, PA 19038-8598


Extramural Agreement Links

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Download Agreement boilerplates and forms:

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Key Links

Support Staff Resources

These resources are on the ARS, AFM website.  These links have been collected to assist your Location with agreements management.  The links will open in a new window. For further employee guidance on processing Grants and Agreement actions, please visit the NAA Agreements SharePoint site at ARSnet.

Manual:  324.1 "Financial Manual for Incoming Reimbursable Agreements"

P&P 150.1, Dissemination of Public Information by ARS 

P&P 321.1, Acceptance of Non-Appropriated Funds to Conduct Research or Perform Services 

P&P 327.5, Advance Payments (ARS) 

P&P 329.5, Assessment of Indirect Program Support Costs & Indirect Research Costs (ARS) 

P&P 341.2, Acceptance of Travel Funds from Non-Federal Sources 

P&P 350.10, Awarding Funds to Non-Federal Organizations for Support of Scientific Meetings (ARS) 

P&P 700.0, Delegation of Authority for Authorized Departmental Officers 

P&P 701.0, Selection, Appointment, and Responsibilities of the Authorized Departmental Officer’s Designated Representative (ADODR) 

P&P 704.0,Research Support Agreements

Bulletin 03-309, Billings and Collections Process for Incoming Reimbursable Funds for Federal and Non-Federal Cooperators 

Bulletin 03-700, Memoranda of Understanding and Non-Funded Cooperative Agreements 

Bulletin 04-154, General Administrative Policy for Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreements 

Bulletin 05-306:  Indirect Program Support Costs Policy

Bulletin 07-304:  Change in Approval Requirement of Dollar Threshold for Incoming Agreements

Reminder of Area Policy on Acceptance of In-Kind Funds - Take particular note of proper documentation required.

For additional information, please go to the page, "What Office Do I Contact?"

Last Modified: 5/10/2011