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Title:  Evaluation of Rice Processing and Canning Quality
Type of Work to be completed:  Analytical tests will be performed on non-parboiled, parboiled, and canned samples to determine how the cultivars respond to parboiling and processing.  The results will indicate if there are significant differences in parboiling and canning quality that could be exploited in future breeding programs.
Cooperator:  Campbell Soup

Title:  Establishment of Puerto Rico Winter Nursery for Generation Advance and Seed Increase
Type of Work to be Completed:  The one season planting at the Beaumont Center is augmented by the establishment of winter nursery facilities located in Lajas, Puerto Rico, to fast-track varietal release.  This nursery facilitates generation advancement of promising breeding lines, seed increase of best lines and rapid purification of elite lines that are nearing release.  All selections made in Beaumont during the summer are planted October and December in Puerto Rico to generate seeds for summer planting of the following year at the Beaumont Center.
Cooperator:  Texas Rice Research Foundation

Title:  Development of Southern US Rice Varieties through Conventional Breeding and Marker Assisted Selection
Type of Work to be Completed:  The rice breeding program develops new cultivars that meet the diverse needs of producers and industry and will help sustain rice production in the southern US with an emphasis on long grain rice cultivars.  The breeding project utilized an extensive field testing program, summer and winter breeding nurseries, disease screen nurseries, and through cooperative efforts, grain quality and genetic marker evaluations.
Cooperator:  Texas Rice Research Foundation
For more information about partnering with ARS in the RRU contact:

Bryan Kaphammer, Ph.D.

Technology Transfer Coordinator


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Suite 300, Room 3053

Fort Collins, CO 80526

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