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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

University of Nebraska, Biological System Engineering Department, Lincoln, NE. Program interactions occur in livestock stress and waste management research.  Fuzzy logic modeling of beef cattle responses to environmental stress, gaseous plume modeling, electromagnetic induction sensing and vegetative treatment systems and associated waste management issues are among project interactions.

Iowa State University, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Ames, IA.  Program interactions are active in Livestock Heat Production and Livestock Stress programs as well as Livestock Waste Management.

University of Kentucky, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Lexington, KY.  We have maintained active collaborations in swine modeling and livestock stress.

University of Queensland, Gatton College, Department of Animal Production, Dr. John Gaughan is a cooperator with us in the livestock stress program, specifically heat stress response and shade impact.

Iowa Cattlemen Association, Ames, IA.  The association is the coordinator of a grant supporting research on alternative control technology for beef cattle feedlot runoff.

Nebraska Cattlemen, Lincoln, NE.  We have interacted with the organization for producer contacts in regards to livestock stress and waste management issues.

West Texas A&M Universtiy, Canyon, TX.  We interact with the waste management consortium in the Canyon, Bushland, Amarillo area, including feedlot runoff, vegetative treatment areas, dust and odors.

Agricultural Engineering Associates, Uniontown, KS.  We have cooperated with John George, a consulting engineer, on many issues involving waste management.  He has been a supporter of the alternative control technology approach to manage feedlot runoff.

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, interactions with livestock stress program including measurement of core body temperature and modeling livestock stress.

Soil Tilth Laboratory, USDA-ARS, Ames, IA.  Soil modeling of winter cover crops.

Heartland Cattle Company, McCook, NE.  Alternative control technology for runoff control and shade impact on cattle to relieve heat stress.

USDA-ARS Conservation and Production Laboratory, Bushland, TX.  Collaboration on feedlot runoff and manure application to native grass pastures.

Last Modified: 10/27/2005