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Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) signed with Hepalife Technologies, Inc., to study the ARS-PICM-19 pig liver stem cell line and its application to an artificial liver device, initiated in November 1, 2002 and continuing through 2007:  Dr. Neil C. Talbot (Biotechnology and Germplasm Laboratory) and Dr. Thomas J. Caperna (Growth Biology Laboratory) began a CRADA with Hepalife Technologies, Inc., to investigate the PICM-19 pig liver stem cell line for in vitro pig liver transgenic modeling and metabolism studies and for the development of an artificial liver assist device for use on humans suffering liver failure. The two year CRADA will focus on the further characterization of the hepatocyte differentiation of the PICM-19 cells and on their long-term maintenance in culture in a flow through bioreactor system.

Last Modified: 10/14/2004
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