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Safety, Health and Environmental Management


This webpage offers Salinas employees the opportunity to electronically access Safety, Health, and Environmental Management (SHEM) information as it pertains to the Salinas location and other regions within the Agricultural Research Service (ARS). This includes information regarding SHEM personnel, safety & health resources, environmental management resources, training programs, current events, and specific questions and answers.


Contact Information


Salinas Safety Contacts:


          Don Wade, Safety and Occupational Health Specialist, Safety Committee

            Chairman,831-755-2860 (Parlier, CA)

          Sharon Benzen, Agronomist, Safety Committee Member, 831-755-2828

          Julia Schrandt, Safety Committee Member, 831-755-2856 


          Linda Pakish, Chemical Hygiene Officer, 831-755-2846   


          David Lara, Safety Committee Member, 831-755-2817         


          Stella Lee, Safety Committee Member, 831-755-2857


          Buck Silveira, Safety Committee Member, 831-755-2816       


          Krishna Subbarao, Safety Committee Member, 831-755-2890 


          JoAnn Tanaka, Safety Committee Member, 831-755-2852     



Safety, Health, & Environmental Management personnel in the Pacific West:


          Alvin Humphrey, Area Safety & Health Manager, 510-559-6124




Safety Links


          Code of Federal Regulations


          National Fire Protection Association



          NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health






          CDC - Centers for Disease Control



          National Agriculture Safety Database (NIOSH)



          California Department of Occupational Health and Safety



          OSHA Part 1910 Occupational Safety and Health Standards


Occupational Health Links


          EPA Envirofacts Chemical References


          Internet Safety Links and Portals



          National Pesticide Information Center



          California Department of Toxic Substances



          Monterey County Hazardous Materials Program


          Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety



          Center for Occupational and Environmental Health



          California Young Workers Health and Safety Website



          Workplace Safety and Health Resources






Industrial Hygiene Links


          American Industrial Hygiene Association



          American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists



          US DOE Industrial Hygiene Standards



Environmental Management Links


          Executive Order 13148 – Environmental Management



          United States Environmental Protection Agency



          California Integrated Waste Management Board



          Clean Air Act



          Clean Water Act


          Fedcenter – Environmental Stewardship and Compliance



          California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Asssessment



          Proposition 65



          US EPA Hazardous Waste Data



          US EPA Extremely Hazardous Substances


          US EPA WASTES



          US EPA Waste Generator Training Modules



          UC Davis Office of Environmental Health and Safety



          Stanford Environmental Health and Safety



          UC Berkeley Office of Environmental Health and Safety



          UC Santa Cruz Environmental Health and Safety



Greening the Government


          Executive Order 13101 – Greening the Government



          Executive Order 13123 – Efficient Energy



          Executive Order 13148 – Environmental Management



Other ARS Safety Pages


          North Atlantic Region



          Midwest Region



          Northern Plains Region





          NIH Health and Safety Guide to Laboratory Ergonomics


          CDC Laboratory Ergonomics



Last Modified: 8/23/2007
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