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1993 Kazakhstan Apple Collection Mission
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Plant Collection Expedition to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

September 6 - September 28, 1993

Team Members:

P.L Forsline: USDA-ARS, Plant Genetic Resources Unit, Geneva, NY

G.I. Mink: Washington State University, Prosser, WA

E.E. Dickson: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

D. Noiton: Hort. Res. Institute, Havelock North, New Zealand


Hosts and institutions visited:

·        Prof. A Djanhaliev and A. Amanbayev, Committee of Forestry, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan

·        Dr. A. Smuryghin, Kazakh Research Institute of Fruit Growing and Viticulture, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan

·        Prof. I. Rachimbaev, Main Botanical Garden, Academy of Sciences Republic of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan

·        Prof. B. Venglovsky, Institute of Forestry and Walnut Breeding, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan




9/6-7 ----------------------- Travel to Moscow, Russia

9/7-9 ----------------------- Moscow

9/9 ------------------------- Travel from Moscow to Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan

9/10 -------- A ------------- Travel Alma-Ata to forestry camp near Topolevka, Kazakhstan

9/10-13 ---- A ------------- Expedition in Topolevka area

9/13 -------- B ------------- Travel Topolevka to Lepsinsk, Kazakhstan

9/13-15 ---- B ------------- Expedition in Lepsinsk areaKazakhstan Map

9/15 ------------------------ Travel to Alma-Ata

9/16-19 --- C/D ----------- Expeditions to Alma-Ata area

9/19-20 ------------------- Travel to Chimkent, Kazakhstan

9/20 -------- E ------------- Travel to Baraldy, Kazakhstan

9/20-22 ---- E ------------- Expedition in Baraldy area

9/22 -------- F ------------- Travel to Koumhama, Kyrgyzstan

9/22-23 ---- F ------------- Expeditions in Koumhama Area

9/23 ----------------------- Travel to Alma-Ata

9/24-26 ------------------- Expeditions, consultations and specimen preparations in Alma-Ata area

9/27 ----------------------- Travel to Moscow

9/28 ----------------------- Travel to USA


Purpose of Trip: Arriving in Djungarsky mountains

The objective of the trip were to: 1) collect germplasm of Malus in its center of origin; 2) collect germplasm of other important crops, particularly fruit crops; 3) make professional contacts with scientists and administrators associated with regional institutes to facilitate germplasm and technology exchange. 




Executive Summary:

The expedition was very successful. We collected 129 accessions representing 16 genera (24 species) with 33,000 seed collected.  Malus collections included 65 accessions (18,000 seeds) representing 3 species endemic to that area.  Collection of cuttings of elite materials was kept to a minimum (5 apple, 10 grape and 1 pear) as USA quarantine facilities are already taxed.  The other major collection of Vitis vinifera (21 accessions – 8700 seeds) from along a spring-fed stream in a very xerophytiBear droppings with apple seedsc site. We were able to access some very remote sites with transportation by helicopter. We were confident that we obtained some very unique germplasm from areas that have never been explored by Western scientists. Our headquarters in Alma-Ata were at 43°,12'N; 76°,59'E. We traveled northeast to 45°,32'N; 80°,44'E and southwest to 42°,53'N; 69°,52'E within Kazakhstan. We also traveled to 41°,16'N; 72°,57'E within Kyrgyzstan. Seven unique ecosystems were explored in 12 expeditions. Our only regret was that the wild apple crop was sparse due to a severe spring frost. However, we probably made selection for frost tolerance. Our host also sponsored the follow-up trip in 1995/96 to acquire broader diversity in Malus and expand collection in other important crops.



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