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Frequently Asked Questions About Salinity
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1 - Salinity in Agriculture
2 - General Questions About Salinity and Water
3 - Fertilizer and Crop Requirements
4 - Plant Cell and Root Growth, Water and Sodium Chloride
5 - Salt Tolerance Criteria
6 - Crop Selection for Saline Soils
7 - Measurement of Electroconductivity
Salt Tolerance Criteria
What are the criteria used by the Salinity Lab to distinguish between plants that have high, medium, and low salt tolerance?
  • According to pages 65-67 of USDA Handbook 60, the salt tolerance lists are arranged according to major crop divisions; and in each division, crops are listed in three groups.
  • Within each group, crops are listed in the order of decreasing salt tolerance, but a difference of 2 to 3 places in the column may not be significant.
  • ECe values given in the top of the column represent the salinity level at which a 50-percent decrease ion yield may be expected compared to yields on nonsaline soils under comparable growing conditions
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Last Modified: 10/18/2005
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