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Members - Brooke Bowers
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Brooke Bowers - Outreach Coordinator 

Pacific West Area (PWA)

Program Support Assistant (OA)

Northwest Watershed Management Research  

800 Park Blvd., Suite 105    
Boise, ID 83712   

Phone: (208) 422-0701

Brooke Bowers is the Program Support Assistant for the Northwest Watershed Research Center in Boise, Idaho.  Brooke began work with ARS in September 2005; she was hired on as a part-time STEP. In November 2009 she was converted to a SCEP appointment and in August 2010 she was converted to a Program Support Assistant. Her current duties include Human Resources (Performance, time and attendance, hiring, in/out-processing, AgLearn Administrator etc.), Travel, Research Program Support (ARS, OSQR, RPES, annual reports, agreements etc.), RL Support, Resource Management (financials, purchasing etc…) , Office Management, and she is the Chair of Boise’s Diversity Committee. She recently served a detail as Acting AO for the Boise location.

Brooke received her BBA emphasis in Human Resources from Boise State University. Brooke has served on the PWA council of Office Professionals as Secretary and serves as PWA mentor on several topics.

Brooke received the ARS and Pacific West Area Office Professional of the Year award in 2014. 

Brooke enjoys reading, backpacking, gardening, cooking, Zumba, crocheting, volunteer work and music.  She is very close to her family and loves being outdoors. 


Last Modified: 2/24/2015
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