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Orientation Plan
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National Advisory Council for Office Professionals

Orientation Plan

(Employee and Supervisor/Trainer initial and date upon completion of review)
ACTIVITY Employee Supervisor Date
Introduction to ARS      
- Become familiar with ARS' mission, organization & webpage      
- Become familiar with location mission & organization      
Communication Techniques      
- Use of telephone equipment      
- Procedures for answering telephone and placing outgoing calls      
- Procedures for screening and routing incoming calls      
- Introduction to REE Directory      
- Email procedures      
- FAX machine (location and fax number)      
- Procedures for sending and receiving Fax messages      
- Where are copiers located?      
- Location of paper supplies for copier      
- Who to call for repairs/service      
- Procedures for other duplication services      
- Become familiar with Correspondence Handbook      
- Routing procedures and location of mail codes      
- Copies (official file, etc.)      
- Identify applicable software packages (MS Word, etc.)      
- Congressional Contact Information      
- Congressional Inquiries/Responses      
- Freedom of Information Act Inquiries      
- Media requests      
- Controlled correspondence      
File Systems      
- Agency file system/office file system      
Mail Distribution      
- Location of mailroom      
- Pouch mail/interoffice mail/overnight mail delivery      
Meetings and Conference Calls      
- Location, availability, and reservation of conference rooms      
- Procedures for setting up meetings      
- Arrangement of conference calls      
Office Essentials      
- STAR      
- Procurement (CATS, PCMS, IAS)      
- Training (SF-182 requests)      
- Personnel Action forms      
- Supplies – where kept and how to order      
- Computer applications as appropriate      
Performance Standards      
- Procedures for implementation      
- Individual Development Plans (IDPs)      
- EEO/CR requirements      
- Case format and submission      
Travel – Domestic and Foreign      
- Mandatory Use of Travel Management Agency      
- Authorizations      
- Travel credit card application      
- Outside Funds or Inkind/Ethics Forms      
- Invitation Letter/Letter of Acceptance      
- Non-Government traveler      
- Vouchers      
- Physical Security      
- Cyber Security      
- Non-Citizen procedures (ARS-230)      


Upon completion, staple this checklist to the supervisor's copy of the employee's current performance standards and their Individual Development Plan.

Refer to Circular 95-1 for further information.


Last Modified: 8/12/2014
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