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Weller, David M
Research Plant Pathologist
(509) 335-6210
P.O. BOX 646221, WSU
Pullman WA 99164

Develop ecologically sound methods to achieve and maintain adequate root health for crops in modern farming systems, with emphasis on biological controls of wheat root pathogens favored by intensive wheat culture and conservation tillage. Determine the etiology, epidemiology, and ecology of the root diseases and aspects of the biochemistry and biophysics of the host-pathogen interaction. Identifynaturally occurring microbial anatgonists with ability to destroy or prevent formation of pathogen inoculum in soil, to protect roots as epiphytes, or to induce resistance inroots as endophytes. Identify useful biochemical and genetic mechanisms of avirulence or self inhibition within individual strains or populations of the pathogen that have biocontrol potential. Determine biochemical and genetic mechanisms of biocontrol of root pathogens by antagonists and develop improved biocontrol systems through genetic manipulation of antagonists, including by recombinant DNA technology. Develop technology for application of biocontrol systems in th field by management of naturally occurring or introduced biocontrol agents.

Last Modified: 10/24/2014