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Carter, Thomas E
Research Geneticist
3127 LIGON ST.
Raleigh NC 27695

Soybean & Nitrogen Fixation (SNF): Broaden the narrow genetic base of U.S. soybean breeding by genetically tapping into the treasure trove of genetic resources of the USDA soybean germplasm collection. Research will harness genetic diversity in the USDA collection to develop new germplasm which has superior agronomic performance, a greater ability to withstand drought and other climatic stresses, and imparts improved nutritional value in the form of seed protein, oil, and carbohydrate composition. The unit will develop new breeding methodology (a blend of field and laboratory) to enhance the efficiency of accessing desirable genetic traits from USDA collection. The unit will also quantify the biological regulation of desirable traits in exotic germplasm to enhance the overall impact of the USDA collection in solving food problems.

Last Modified: 11/26/2015