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ARS research at Columbia, MO, is conducted by three research units: Biological Control of Insects, Cropping Systems and Water Quality, and Plant Genetics.

The goal of the research program at the Biological Control of Insects Research Laboratory (BCI) is to develop ways to improve the production and effectiveness of biological control agents such as predators, parasites, and pathogens for the control of destructive agricultural insect pests. There are currently three projects under which research is being conducted and which are being submitted for renewal this fiscal year.

The mission of the Cropping Systems and Water Quality Research Unit (CSWQ) is to anticipate needs, develop knowledge, and provide technological solutions to optimize agricultural production systems, at the sub-field to watershed scale, for both economic and environmental sustainability. The MU is uniquely poised to investigate the surface and ground water implications of innovative cropping systems and to conduct soil and water quality research involving agronomic and aquatic ecosystems at multiple scales including research plots, on-farm sites, small watersheds, large watersheds, and small basins.

The mission of the Plant Genetics Research Unit (PG) is to develop new knowledge that expands our understanding of the fundamental processes controlling increased production, improved quality, and enhanced uses of corn, soybeans, and wheat; and to utilize this knowledge to develop germplasm and crop management schemes that lead to increased farm profitability and sustainability of the nation's resource base.

The planned Location staffing distribution at the beginning of FY09 includes 4 scientists in BCI, 7 in CSWQ, and 12 in PG. Administrative services for the three Columbia units are provided by unit secretaries and a location administrative office staffed by an Administrative Officer, a Purchasing Agent, a Financial Tech, an IT Specialist, and a part time student.

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Last Modified: 2/9/2009