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Nelson, Randall L
Research Leader
National Soybean Research Center
232 NSRC, 1101 W. PEABODY DR.
Urbana IL 61801

The mission of this unit is to: 1) acquire, characterize, evaluate, maintain, utilize, and distribute germplasm accessions in the genus Glycine; 2) identify genes controlling traits of economic importance in soybean including seed yield, seed composition and disease resistance; 3) investigate soybean genomic responses to microbial interactions; 4) determine the genetic and pathogenic variability of soybean fungal pathogens, and the epidemiology of the diseases they cause; 5) research the population dynamics and improvement of management schemes for the soybean cyst nematode; 6) develop control strategies for soybean-infecting viruses based on host genetic responses and knowledge of virus virulence, incidence, transmission, and diversity; 7) acquire, maintain, develop evaluate and distribute genetic and cytogenetic stocks of maize; and 8) evaluate induction and characterize regulatory components of gene expression in maize in response to anaerobic stress.

Last Modified: 11/28/2015