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Ivie, Glen W
Center Director
2881 F&B ROAD
College Station TX 77845

The mission of the Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center is to conduct research to improve the productivity of important southern crops, and to enhance the safety to the consumer of meat products derived from livestock and poultry. Specific projects at the Center are diverse and include plant biotechnology; improved control methodologies for pathogens and nematodes attacking cotton; improved aerial application of agricultural chemicals; germplasm enhancement of cotton, sorghum, forage grasses, and pecans; effective and environmentally sound approaches for management of the boll weevil, the corn earworm, and other serious insect pests; and enhanced microbiological safety of meat products reaching the consumer. Center scientists have a strong commitment to the solution of significant agricultural problems and to the timely and effective transfer to appropriate users of technology developed through their research.

Last Modified: 8/23/2016