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Yates, Scott R
Research Leader
(951) 369-4803
Riverside CA 92507
The mission of the Contaminant Fate and Transport Unit is to develop methods for evaluating, predicting, and managing the movement of contaminants and solutes (e.g., water, salts, agricultural chemicals and microorganisms) in the root and vadose zones of arid-region soils; and to develop new knowledge, methods and tools for assessing soil-water-crop management strategies to make effective use of limited resources. Major emphasis of current research is on (1) reducing soil and water contamination by pathogens and pharmaceutical chemicals released from animal waste products, (2) quantifying pesticide volatilization and pesticide loadings from agricultural fields to surface and ground waters, (3) evaluating the impact of irrigated agriculture on soil, air and groundwater quality, and (4) developing and testing numerical models and databases for evaluating water flow, solute and energy transport in agricultural soils, and (5) devising source control management systems for reducing chemical and biological loadings to surface and groundwater supplies.

Last Modified: 11/20/2006