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PSI Mission Statement


The Plant Sciences Institute research mission is to discover and develop biological, chemical, and physical processes and principles, including bioregulation, that will: improve pest management systems, crop quality, and production efficiency; lead to new varieties; improve food quality and food safety; improve conservation of natural resources and environmental quality; support regulatory and action agencies; respond to research needs identified by farmers and other customers and stakeholders; and contribute to advances in biotechnology and other areas of plant science with societal benefits. Environmentally friendly, economically viable, sustainable production systems are being developed for agronomic and horticultural crops. The Institute's mission is accomplished through complex and exceptionally difficult fundamental and applied research programs in 11 laboratories and in collaborative programs with other Institutes.


Laboratories of the Plant Sciences Institute


BIOTA - Biosystematic Information on Terrestrial Arthropods (SEL)

U.S. National Collection of Coccoidea (SEL)

GRIN - Germplasm Resources Information Network (NGRL)

USDA Nematode Collection Database (NL)

Fungal taxonomic and collection information (SMML)

Rhizobium Germplasm Database (SGIL)

TEKTRAN - Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System


Last Modified: 6/4/2012