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EBCL is a biocontrol laboratory located in Montpellier, France.

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EBCL Laboratory in Montpellier, France

The overall goal of research at EBCL is to develop biological control technologies, which can be used to suppress, invading weeds and insect pests. This is done through explorations to find natural enemies (insects, mites and pathogens). These are characterized in careful experimentation and eventually developed as biological control agents. These agents are major components of biologically based integrated pest management systems (IPM). The objective of biologically based IPM is a safe, environmentally sound technology which is practical, economical and which conserves non-renewable energy.

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EBCL staff.

EBCL Staff

BARCEA Dan - Security
BENTIR Farida - Maintenance
BERTON Bertrand - Technical Maintenance
BLANCHET Arnaud - Technician
BON Marie-Claude - Research Molecular Biologist
CHATAIGNER Xavier - Computer Specialist
COUTINOT Dominique - Senior Support Scientist and Quarantine Officer
GUERMACHE Fatiha - Technician
HAGUE Sarah - Secretary
HERARD Franck - Research Entomologist
HOELMER Kim - Director (Not on the picture)
JEANNEAU Mélanie - Technician
KASHEFI Javid - Research Entomologist (not on the picture)
LEPRIEUR Xavier - Administrative Management
MERCADIER Guy - Senior Support Scientist
RAMUALDE Nathalie - Technician
ROCHE Marie - Technician
SFORZA René - Research Entomologist
SIMONOT Olivier - Technician
WILLIAMS Livy - Research Entomologist

Also on the picture:

AUGE Matthew - Student
RIPOLL Julie - Student
STRICKMAN Dan - Interim Director (at the time of the picture)

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Contact Us

General Contact Information

Mailing Addresses:

From U.S. Only (DPO):

French Postal System:

9200 Paris Place
WASHINGTON DC 20521-9200

Campus International de Baillarguet
CS 90013 Montferrier-sur-Lez
34988 St. Gely du Fesc

Phone and Fax numbers:

Tel : (+33) 499623000
Fax: (+33) 499623049

Email Address:


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